Molyneaux Kitchen Refresh™

The impact of a full Kitchen Remodel at half the cost and a fraction of the time.

New Quartz or Granite Countertops, Flooring, Backsplash, and Cabinet Painting or Custom Cabinet Restyling™

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Refresh the look of your kitchen at half the cost of a full kitchen remodel!

The Molyneaux "Kitchen Refresh" is a kitchen remodel that includes new flooring, new tile kitchen backsplash, and a new beautiful and durable Quartz or Granite kitchen countertop. Molyneaux also helps you select a new cabinet door style, color and hardware. Molyneaux completely remodels the look of your kitchen at half the cost and a fraction of the time of a full kitchen remodel. Design the new look for your kitchen with our experts!
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The Molyneaux Kitchen Refresh™ DIFFERENCE

Molyneaux Kitchen Refresh™

Financial gain of ~$43,000
Full kitchen in as little as 10 days
2 Days without a sink
24 Hours of cabinet acclimation
Industry-leading 15-year warranty
90-Year reputation of excellence
No permiting needed
Use your existing cabinet frames
One company owns your installation
Little downtime between installations

Major Kitchen Remodel

Financial loss of ~$24,000
3 Month kitchen disruption
Weeks without a sink
30 Days of cabinet acclimation
Limited or no warranty
Poor customer reviews
Permits required for plumbing/electric
Wall damage when cabinets removed
Parade of different subcontractors
Idle days when job is handed off

Hear what our clients have to say

"In-home shopping is like Amazon, only better! A design consultant comes right to your house with flooring samples. Love it!"

Nicole B.

"Molyneaux offered me so much more than the big box stores. Besides design help, I got great personal service from start to finish. I love my new floors."

Elizabeth S.

"Incredibly easy to work with. Provided helpful suggestions & honest advice. Flooring installers were on-time, polite, and respectful. A smooth, worry-free experience!"

Kevin W.