Pittsburgh Carpet Installation Experts

Pittsburgh Carpet Installation Experts with a 99.6% Customer Satisfacion Rating

The most important factor in determining the lifespan of a carpet is its installation.

Even the finest carpet will wrinkle inside of six months if it has been poorly stretched. Who you choose to install your new carpet is just as important as the quality of carpet you pick.  For more than 75 years, Molyneaux has serviced the Pittsburgh area as the experts in carpet installation.

Installing carpet properly is no easy task — it demands a blend of people skills, craftsmanship, technical abilities, and the muscle to get it done right the first time. Molyneaux’s expert carpet installers average 15 years of experience and adhere to strict quality controls. Their mission is to make sure that every customer is happy with their carpet installation service.  And a satisfaction rating of over 99.6% shows how well Molyneaux succeeds in this mission!

Molyneaux carpet installers use the latest technology and premier techniques in carpet installation. Every carpet is stretched to perfection with a power stretcher, and installers always strive to hide seams. It is the creative use of seam design and intuition that makes the Molyneaux difference.

Pittsburgh Carpet Installation: Carpet Seam Visibility

Whether or not a seam is visible relies on several preexisting elements. The construction of a room, orientation of a room, and lighting all play large roles in the appearance of seams. Even the style of the carpet and its color matter. This is where Molyneaux carpet installers outshine the rest: with creativity and experience, they make carpet seams work with the room rather than against it. Poorly-chosen seam placement can make seams more obvious than necessary. Molyneaux’s installation experts always work to blend seams as well as possible — even in the most challenging of layouts.

Pittsburgh carpet installation experts: Seam Peaking

What Is Seam Peaking?

Seam peaking happens when carpet lifts up at the seam a distance of 1/16 of an inch or less and is caused by power stretching — a necessary step in proper carpet installation. When two sections of carpet are joined at a seam, they are held together by a very strong and inflexible tape. This tape bonds the backing of one carpet section to the backing of another.

Since carpet backing is made of an elastic material, it stretches readily, but the taped seam does not. This causes the carpet to rise a bit where the tension is greatest: along the taped area. Because the peak will rise half the width of the carpet backing, the thicker the backing, the more the carpet will peak. Though using a wider tape can reduce the appearance of peaking, it cannot eliminate this phenomenon altogether.

Pittsburgh carpet installation experts: Seam Peaking

How Room Lighting affects Carpet Installation

In terms of carpet, light sources can either be friends or foes. Directional light can potentially highlight carpet seams when they are situated against a light source. This means daylight shining through a window can make seams look more apparent than they normally would with overhead light. This is why Molyneaux installers take all light sources into account when planning for seams.

Why Choose Molyneaux, Pittsburgh Carpet Installation Experts?

  • Molyneaux has been Pittsburgh’s trusted name in flooring since 1930.
  • Molyneaux is proud of its 99.6% customer satisfaction rating.
  • Our in-house quality control team guarantees satisfaction.
  • Our carpet and wood flooring installers average 15 years experience.