Become a Molyneaux Secret Shopper

Molyneaux Secret ShopperAt Molyneaux, we take customer service VERY seriously.

We receive feedback on our performance in many ways – direct conversations, letters, emails, phone calls, surveys and through the use of Secret Shoppers.

What is a Secret Shopper?

Molyneaux Secret Shoppers are customers who visit our store, or schedule an in-home flooring consultation, and are paid to evaluate their experiences with our sales associates. This is used as a tool to reward and coach our employees, thereby continuously improving our service to customers like you.

Customer Experience Experts (CEE) is the organization that we use to manage our secret shopping program. CEE coordinates all of our “shoppers”.

What will I be paid?

You will be paid $50.00 cash after the evaluation form CEE provides to you is completed and returned within 48 hours of your experience. The form is easy to fill out and the rewards for your participation are attractive!  Email us at:

There is absolutely no obligation to make a purchase to participate as a Molyneaux Secret Shopper. However, if you do purchase flooring from Molyneaux you will also receive a Mail-in Rebate: $100.00 on any purchase under $3,000.00, $200.00 for purchases over $3,000.00.

Will I be guaranteed the opportunity to be a Molyneaux Secret Shopper?

You will be contacted if we need a Secret Shopper in your area at this time. If not, we will keep your information on file should we have an opportunity in the future.

What is my next step?

Simply express your interest by emailing Customer Experience Experts. Include in your email:

  1. Your name
  2. Phone number, including area code
  3. The location of the Molyneaux store nearest you.

How do I set up my in-home appointment with Molyneaux?

You need to contact Molyneaux directly to set up your appointment. Click here or call 1-800-639-3566. Remember, don’t mention to the representative that you have expressed interest in being a Secret Shopper!

Please do not call any Molyneaux Store directly to ask questions or express your interest.

It is important you remain a “Secret” Shopper to participate. Store employees will not be able to answer your questions or take note of your interest.